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Apr. 24th, 2010



Why, Mickey!

Doctor Who Spoilers for Last David Tennant Episode

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Jun. 30th, 2009



Will He Guess?

Just a silly little post to say that my boyfriend is halfway through watching the double episode featuring Mickey/Ricky and Jake. I'm wondering if he's picked up any vibes- he's always good at picking up the 'he's gay!' vibes in shows before it's revealed.

Jun. 26th, 2009



Introductory post

Hi! I've just joined the community and I thought I'd introduce myself. My name's Tianne and I'm an old Doctor Who fan (grew up on Tom Baker, was taken by my parents to my first DW convention at eight or so) who also unabashedly loves new Who and Torchwood.

I have to admit, I wasn't a huge Mickey fan before "Rise of the Cybermen", but he really seemed to come into his own in that episode and the next. And I almost immediately fell in love with the idea of Jake/Ricky and all the potential and conflicts inherent in Mickey staying behind with Jake and stepping into the place of a man he didn't actually know, in a situation he didn't fully understand. I simultaneously wish Mickey's story hadn't been so completely eclipsed by Rose's and rejoice that they left it just hinted at, so there's more room for us to play. :)

By the way, I'm starting a long Mickey/Jake fic that's probably a bit self-indulgent - it's long, and covers a lot of what we've seen in DW from Mickey's POV - but it's been nagging me for ages now and I guess it just really wants to be written. It's mostly for me, but I'll at least be posting it on my own journal and I'm a perfectionist about my writing. Would anyone be interested in beta-ing it for me?

Anyway, it's nice to meet you all, and I look forward to getting to know you!

May. 21st, 2009

SPN: Sam Dean


Fanfic: Evolution

Hi, new here, I've been lurking for awhile, but I decided to join. Just rewatched "Rise of the Cybermen" and "Age of Steel," and wrote this.

Title: Evolution
Author: mithrel
Rating: PG for one swear-word
Summary: He wasn't Rickey. He knew that. But sometimes he forgot.

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Feb. 20th, 2009



Fanfic - Alert (Mickey/Jake)

Title: Alert
Rating: NC-17
Pairing:: Mickey/Jake
Disclaimer: Damnit I don't own them :(
Summary: It's rare to get a break from fighting Cybermen. So when one presents itself the boys have to take it without a moment's haste.
Word Count: 464
Notes: Written as a part of comment_fic

These stolen moments seemed to become briefer

Feb. 17th, 2009


In need for more canon mates.

There's this multifandom RPG with a Doctor Who cast including a Mickey and we'd love to have a Jake on board. If you're interested please PM this journal for more details or just go here.

Thank you! :)

Feb. 16th, 2009

kids at midnight


(no subject)

Title- Journey’s Reset
Author- Silver Earth Elf
Rating- PG
No beta
Disclaimer- I don’t own them. If I did there would be more Jack/Ianto and much more Mickey- besides if you sue me I am NOT going to be able to pay you anything- you’ll just get a neurotic chinchilla and a dumb dog… that’s about it
Summery- Mickey finds Jake in his universe.
A.N.- Just a thought that came to mind when I was re-watching Journey’s End.

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Nov. 10th, 2008



Because I'm an Attention Whore

Hi all! I'm making fandom figurines right now. Technically I can't sell ones that are for characters not in the public domain. So, I'd be saying that I made a figurine of two young men, one black and one white and blonde, holding guns. :P Rather than Mickey and Jake. But I would make say, Sherlock Holmes.
I'll give almost all fandoms a try. The figurines are 'cartoon' style, and they have no faces. They're usually between 2 and 3 inches tall, but I can make them smaller. I can't make them much bigger. They're about US$40 for a double figurine ie of a pairing, but that price may go up or down depending on what you require. (I'm paying myself by the hour, plus materials) It doesn't have to be for a pairing.
How it would work is, you contact me via LJ with what sort of thing you're after. I give you a quote, you pay me a deposit via paypal. I make the figurine, take photos of it, you approve it, pay the rest of the money plus postage, and then I send it to you. I'm in Australia so postage is about US$7.50 to the USA.
If you don't like it, I'll put it up for sale on Etsy.

Why am I doing this? I'd love to go into 'business' with this sort of thing! I'm trying to raise money to help out a friend of mine who can't afford anything right now. (Sob story, but true.)
http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=17124022 Here's my listing on Etsy for my custom fandom sculptures.
http://www.livinginthepast.etsy.com on my shop, you'll find some other things already made up. :)

I hope that some of you are interested!

Oct. 17th, 2008

francesca coolest mobile ever




I'm Naomi, and am living in Britain at the moment, but have sort of lived.. around, and didn't even have a TV licence, let alone internet when these episodes aired. Whee for being young with very little money. But after seeing series 2 (eventually), Mickey's growth and development was easily the best part of it. And seeing that there's a whole shiny community devoted to this was just so many kinds of awesome.

Also, I really can't write fanfic or any real narrative prose (sorry), but, you know, that still leaves plenty of very nice fics to be commented on some more ; ) It would be tempting to vid them, but what's really so awesome about Mickey and Jake is the *potential* that we were presented, rather than what we actually got to see. So that'd take a lot of external source and general trickery to pull off, probably.

So, to make a contribution of sorts, what is it about this pairing that appeals to you so strongly?

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Aug. 26th, 2008

Snow White. Default.


(no subject)

Title: Waiting
Pairing unrequited Jake/Mickey
Rating/Warning/Spoilers: Rated PG. Angsty. Spoilers for DW 4x13.
Summary: Finding out you weren't enough to come back for...
Author's Notes: Betaed by Marcal_92. It figures that I can't finish anything longer then this. Crossposted like WOAH, sorry about clutter ^.^
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Really.
He sat just outside the door, waiting...

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