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rickys_world's Journal

Guns and Tin Dogs
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Fandom for Jake, Ricky and Mickey from Doctor Who
This is a fan community for the characters Jake, Mickey and Ricky, from Doctor Who.

Yep, we're aware that Ricky was only in two episodes, and Jake only in three. But they had an effect on us.

We are fascinated by the idea of choosing to stay in another dimension, 'replacing' someone else with your face, and the implications of this. We're fascinated by characters who are self made soldiers. We love the characters. We're interested in the relationships between Ricky and Jake, Jake and Mickey, and these three characters in general separately. Much of it will be slash/gay, because Jake and Ricky were written as lovers. But not all of it will be.

So, discuss the characters, your theories, their potential lives, post fanfiction about Jake/Ricky, Jake/Mickey, or Mickey, Jake, or Ricky in general, in whatever genre/style you'd like. Get fanfiction help, or post fanart, icons, banners, screencaps, etc. Talk about the alternate dimension, about alternative universes in general, or characters that remind you of Jake or Mickey or Ricky (occasionally anyway). Have fun!

Occasional Off Topic fanfiction/fanworks/discussion is fine too, if it's about other minor characters in Doctor Who that are hard to find people to talk to about it. (For example, Nancy) But our focus is on Jake, Mickey and Ricky, and the issues surrounding that.

It's not, however a place for Mickey/Rose or Mickey/Doctor unless it also has to do with Jake or the alternate dimension. (if you're not sure if you can post it, just ask one of the maintainers!) This is because there's already a lot of places to post Mickey/Rose and Mickey/Doctor and we're after the rarer pairings.

Bashing and homophobia will not be tolerated. You have to actually be a fan on some sort of level, thanks.

While the group is small, it'd be nice if you'd post an introduction entry. This doesn't have to include any fanstuff or on topic discussion unless you want to, just a hello and where you're from so on. :) We're hoping for a close knit community.

We encourage discussion as well as fanstuff. You don't have to be a fanfic writer to participate.

Oh and LJ? If you didn't know? Though both Jake and Mickey/Ricky LOOK very babyfaced, they're both most definitely over 18.

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